Functional training

Functional training consists of performing exercises with multi-joint movements working the different muscle groups. The exercises that are carried out during this training try to imitate the movements of the muscles on a day-to-day basis and thus reduce the risk of suffering some type of injury, in addition to compensating and complementing any sporting activity since it is aimed at all types of people. .

This training is carried out with your own body weight, using implements causing your work to be more complete (TRX, Kettlebell, jump rope, Theraband, myofacial roller...). The goal is to create a leaner, stable, and stronger body. And it is that functional training not only helps you burn fat, it also helps you improve the strength of your muscles, as well as resistance and increased metabolism. This training favors correcting bad postures, it also works on flexibility and muscle imbalances. Functional training has a direct impact on the activation of the Core, which stabilizes the spine.